We are a young and vibrant party organization that has been making waves for a year now. Our goal is simple – to connect students and offer them the most fun-filled experiences. From the hottest “no names” events to epic themes like “Exam Final Party” and “Cirque,” our parties are legendary, leaving everyone talking for days. We’re all about creating a strong social community. Our parties bring people together, sparking friendships that go beyond the dance floor. At The Picasso Group, we prioritize joy and self-expression. Our parties are a safe space to be yourself and have the time of your life. Moreover, we are a student run organization, both of us are Leiden university students and we want to keep giving back to our fellow alumni to enrich the Hague experience.

At Picasso group, student safety is our utmost priority. We are committed to creating a secure and comfortable environment for all attendees at the Back to University Glow in the Dark Event in The Hague. To achieve this, we have implemented several safety measures:

  1. Dedicated Security Personnel: Numerous trained security guards will be stationed on the dance floor at all times to monitor the event closely. They will be readily available to address any concerns and ensure a safe atmosphere for everyone.
  2. Safe Word System: We are setting up a safe word system to empower attendees who may feel uncomfortable or in danger during the event. If anyone finds themselves in such a situation, they can discreetly approach a security guard, use the safe word, and immediate action will be taken to address the issue and remove any individuals responsible for causing distress.
  3. Zero Tolerance Policy: Any complaint or report of misconduct or harassment will be taken seriously and handled with a zero-tolerance approach. Once a complaint is made, the person involved will be promptly removed from the event to maintain a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.
  4. Free access to water: This event will provide accessible water throughout all parts of the night to ensure maximum safety of all participants and to allow people to feel comfortable while not spending money on water.
  5. Post-event forum: Allow for students to voice their complaints and get in contact with us if they felt uncomfortable or if we did not act according to our protocols.